Play Gringo Hunt, Win Trips to the Tropics. Gringo Hunt
Win 7 days for 2 in CA,  Room, Food, Drinks, and $1000 for air..Online game .  Find the gringo and get 10 points each time The most points win the trip every week/month.
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The thrill of the Hunt, Find the Gringo win a trip.  The Gringo will be in one of the cities, fishing or on the bus.  Each city has our recommended Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, and Shops.  Hints given on a regular basis as to the location of the gringo.  Register for the online version soon.   When the Gringo is found, he will go through a worm hole to a different city and arrive at the bus stop.  Be quick, if you hear the peep he has just gone through the worm hole.   A brief glimpse of the gringo will sometimes  be seen when he crosses the street.   WHERE IS THE GRINGO.  Majority of my profit will go to starting self sufficent programs to feed children and bring jobs.
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Traveling Gringo
1.  On the ground. Find the Gringo and ASK the Gringo?  Exactly   THIS " Are you the Funrunners Gringo?"   IF he is the Funrunners Gringo he will give you $50.  Hints and Clues given everyday, often every few hours.
International Hostel Contest


Boca Del Toro


   San Juan
Del Sur   Nic

Panama City

n Jose

This site is MAINLY here for the website builder to see and get the idea.  Gringo Hunt hopefully launching  Feb 10th.
1. Live Game on the ground
3. Live App
2. Online Game
Online and App Rules:
1. Get the most points Win the trip.
2. A beep when the Gringo changes cities.
3. Each map has permanent hints for the month.
4. Get 10 points every time you find the Gringo.
5. Won trip can be given to anyone you like.
6.  As game grows additional cities are added.

More coming, make suggestions
Please help spread the word, the game will start soon. The faster it grows the more trips there will be and the more kids we can feed.  Estimated cost to download the Deluxe game is $2.99   Small investor needed...
Funrunners productions
The main purpose is fund Artist Internet Cafe's in Latin America.   Where any hunger child can eat a good meal at 5pm.  Where at 6pm, the stage is pulled out for local talent contest.   Sponsored by an international  singles fraternity of people that want to make a difference.
Cualquiera puede ganar, digamos que se inician en Costa Rica y Costa Rica gana recibirán el viaje y $ 2.000 para ir de compras,  pesca,  fiestas,  etc.
Anyone can win.  Say we do start in Costa Rica and a Costa Rican wins Gringo Hunt for the month.  The winner will receive the trip and  $2,000 for shopping,  fishing,  Partying, etc.  Panama,  Nicaragua,  Guatemala are all possible starting  points.

RADIO STATIONS-  Have  contests for your winners to be a judge at the  Contest and Beach Party.   Going  to  be like a Big  Southern B-B-Q with 12 hours of music.   Judges in the crowd all day talking to the Numbered Contestants.  This contest is looking for the Classiest Single Lady in the area.  12 areas , 12 monthly contest and 1 final for Miss Funrunners 2012 Costa Rica (or country we start in,of my choice).  Josh
500 RADIO Stations from around the WORLD will have a ticket to send a judge to the 1st Miss Funrunners Costa Rica Contest and Beach Concert, ONLY 1  RADIO STATION PER CITY.  We are bringing Country Music to the Tropics.   12 contest in 12 districts and one Final to crown the Miss Funrunners Panama.  Classiest Single Lady in The Country,  all of them.
Geeks & Greeks
In Case it all Goes South
Learn about Costa Rica
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