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Last updated on 01/2012
Funrunners Foxes are ladies that finished high in the contest and will be available to do store openings and party events. This will be a way for the lady to make some additional income in advertising.
EXAMPLE . A bar is opening and wants 20 Funrunners Foxes for the event, Miss Funrunners of the country will set a fee and she will make 10% the Foxes would split the 80% and 10% to support the Funrunners Artist Internet Cafes.  These cafes will feed any hungry child every day at 5pm.
Funrunners Foxes are ladies, do not think about treating these ladies with anything except respect.  Miss Funrunners is a search for the Classiest Single Ladies in the country.
Miss Funrunners will have a salary for the work she does for Funrunners. She will decide which concerts, co-ed sports events, festivals, etc Funrunners bring to her Country.
Funrunners build first aid centers, artist cafes, and we have our own concerts, we party till the sun rises but we are mannered and moral. We are neither saints nor sinners. We are from many countries and are a patriot  to our own. We are not political, we are not a religious organization. Funrunners are invited to be members, a person can pledge and attend many public events and meet members and be invited by a member.
Funrunners are single people that want to make a difference ...AND we are bringing Country Music to the Tropics..
For 500 International  Radio Stations
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Email for  Radio Stations and Country bands and Singers only Please...   256  237 1749

We will select 500 Radio Stations from cities  around the world.  There will be ONLY ONE Radio Station from any 1 city with very few exceptions. The cost is $500 paid 1/2 in January and balance in June.  Your station will be the only station in the city that has a Judge Ticket to give away, sell or donate.  The original stations will always be invited back and the fee never will increase.  Next contest planned  are  to be  Panama, Spain, Italy and Greece etc.  Contest target is Nov/Dec.  Your exclusive 10 months to advertise.

is an International Single Travel Fraternity that will make a difference.

As Judge in the
1st Miss Funrunners Contest: 
You will talk to as many contestants as you can and form an opinion of which Lady will get your vote.  You can arrive early and can leave late. This will be a party like you have never seen before.     Funrunners is an      International Single Travel Fraternity.

PLEASE......Do NOT send any money until your station has been selected as one of the Funrunners 500.
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