Play Gringo Hunt, Win Trips to the Tropics. Gringo FActs
In Black and White , Plain and Simple , Just the truth.
I am 60 years old, not sure I know what a scam is, and I sure do not have time to mess with coming up with one. will be the sponsor of the Gringo Hunt.

I have an idea that could bring a little happiness to alot of people.   And much to your surprise alot of that happiness would be the helpers not only the helpees .

So this game I have invented can do this: Be fun to play and help others.

1. The winners every month, win a trip for 2  to a tropical location.  A trip that they will forever look back on and smile.  If we grow large enough fast enough there will be a winner a week.
And you can take a friend with you, it is for 2.  What happens there stays there.

2.  It will allow me to start the Artist Internet Cafes , in short,  cafe's in Latin America  surrounded by stalls where local artist of many venues come daily and paint, sculpt, carve and etc.
  Feed any hungry child everyday at 5pm.   Put the whole show on webcam and you sit        in New York have your morning coffee and watch Rosa paint the painting and then bid on the painting online.

          At 6pm,  Pull that stage and have a local talent contest. 
  Cafes is also a source for real info for travelers.  From an honest taxi, to a tour worth taking  or a local restaurant nobody know about.  Etc etc.

3. an International              Single Fraternity will have independent beach concerts.  We will be making comedy travel             movies.  Get on the plane pick up your script and shoot a movie in a weekend,  just for fun.  Starting now with singles in Alabama.  And winners, if  in country will be in the movie if they want.   Or plan your trip to be in a movie, or a judge in the Miss Funrunners Costa Rica Contest and Beach Party.  We are bringing country to the tropics.  I invited Hank and friends to do the first one, have not heard yet.   

4.  Funrunners will come down and work a week and build a first aid center in a town that has none.  We will talk to doctors and get them to pledge 2 weeks a year.  Have nice place for them to stay. is an international  single travel fraternity of invited members.   We will invite any winners to be in any of our events.

5.  Single co-ed sporting events, example.      I am looking now for a 14 person co-ed softball team to go to Costa Rica and play a co-ed team there.             Fishing contest, from horseshoes to whatever enough people want to do.    Just for fun and to            make some new friends.

6.  is a search for the Classiest single lady in the country to oversee Funrunners in their country.  Then the next country, each contest is like a large southern BBQ with judges in the crowd. This is not a bikini contest...

7. For $2.99 , a fun game can do so much more,  so help spread the word.  I am one man, I work , it will be me that answers. 
I am paying the developer as I can and hope to have Gringo Hunt by mid Feb.  Small investor needed.

So whatever you do with your life, make it something that you will one day back on and know you made the world a better place.  Many will end their life with nothing but alot of money, and will look back knowing what they could have done.    So enjoy your time for I assure you , you are simply renting. 

I do not know why this has been laid on my plate to do,  I simply know it has.
George Joshua Porter III
Help if You can
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To the Geeks and Greeks I am offering this. 
I have written the University of Alabama and offered the Greeks the oppurtunity to take on the mission of spreading the word to the Greeks of the WORLD.   And we will donate 10% of any profit from the launch of the game to the city for needed Tornado repair.   Next Year we will take the National Champion Football team School and make them the ambassador for a needed project.
Take a look, know these things.  I am real and so is my goal.  I am call if you like, I will be the one answering.  The game is going to be fun to play, it is probably going to cost under a whopping $3 for the deluxe download version for phone or computer.   There will be a free version for the sweepstakes, but the deluxe version has many more clues.  THE Fraternity or Sorority that causes the most people to sign up will win a trip for the entire chapter.  THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL contest, spread the word starting in Feb.  EACH CHAPTER will have a separate email address to direct people to in order to sign up.  This contest can be restricted at any time we get to a number we think is ample.  There will of course, be a number of sign up's required  for the prize to be awarded.  Whatever the breakeven point is will be the number.
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